Expert panel on reopening the international fine art transport

My colleagues Julia Betancor, Tomas Maar, Rosa Lowinger and I will be speaking as panelists on the pertinent topic of reopening the international fine art transport from 9 o’clock PST today. Join me and an international panel of experts in the discussion as the COVID-19 pandemic had a sudden and substantial impact on the industry.

Available as a resource on YouTube here.

Screenshot of the expert panel discussion.

One recent shift in the fine art transportation realm is the possibility of a virtual courier solution. From my point of view, the virtual courier is a great opportunity for the art community, but we also need to ensure avoiding a slippery slope and custodial neglect through a collaborative effort across disciplines.

I think that chain of custody roles and requirements need firm definitions to establish and uphold professional standards. Works of high value and cultural significance as well as works that are more vulnerable with more severe conditions require the assessment of a qualified conservator to avoid custodial neglect. 

X Kamila

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