Getty’s Conserving Canvas Initiative

Generously funded by the Getty, I was hired as a Specialist Advisor and Lecturer as part of the Chilean chapter of the Conserving Canvas Initiative

Together with my highly respected colleagues Antonio Iaccarino Idelson (Rome, Italy) and Christine Fröhner from (NYC, USA) we gave workshops, lessons, and presentations to approximately 30 conservation professionals from South America in September 2019. 

Christine and I co-lead the specialist meeting and workshop on cleaning and loss compensation techniques for contemporary artworks. We also advised the conservators at the museum on how to treat the surface of the painting ‘Isfahan III’ by Frank Stella.

Click here to learn more about this incredible project.

Click here to access one of my lectures about daylight fluorescent pigments and Stella’s paintings from the 1960s at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

X Kamila

This video shows snapshots from our workshops on treatment methodologies and possibilities regarding the pictorial layer of contemporary artworks with reference to Frank Stella’s works from the 60s.

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