Three Years

Three years ago, I travelled to NYC to work at the Metropolitan Museum for the installation of LACMA’s “Painted in Mexico” show. I met with valued friends and colleagues, and manifested the thought of starting LA Art Labs.
Ever since I have been working tirelessly, challenging myself to get to know the art scene more deeply, pushing myself professionally, and continuously reimagining what private conservation looks like. Today I am tremendously grateful for the amazing private, royal and institutional clients that entrust me with their collections as well as the incredible conservation professionals (in training and post grad) that supported me in my endeavors throughout the last years. I am so touched and deeply humbled for all the support that I received and the wonderful opportunities that I continue to be entrusted with. My heart couldn’t be more full. 💛
I hope that you and your loved ones are safe, sound and healthy.

With eternal gratitude from the lab.

X Kamila

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