Condition Reporting and Surveys

Routine care 

Condition reporting and surveying is a valuable collection asset. At LA Art Labs, we have generated thousands of condition reports or condition surveys, e.g. for private clients, traveling exhibitions at major museums or historic sites, and new acquisition.

A full understanding of the condition of works of art in collections or private hand is necessary to inform priorities for preventive and interventive conservation treatment. In the best case, however, condition reports demonstrate that no deterioration has occurred, proofing that the artwork’s environment is adequate, or existing preventive conservation procedures are successful.

Condition reporting of the individual artwork

A condition report is generated per object and entails a technical examination, as well as the type and extent of any damage and possible causes. The report may accordingly make recommendations for conservation treatment. At LA Art Labs, we always credit the cost for the examination report towards the future treatment of the affected artwork.

Surveying collections

To assess the overall condition of a collection, a more general, environmental, or, collection specific condition survey is being conducted.  Consultation services include general risk assessment, the revision of lighting and hanging/mount design, environmental monitoring and pest management.

LA Art Labs' principal paintings conservator and founder during the survey of contemporary oil paintings by David Hockney.
During the exhibition install of LACMA’s show 82 Portraits and 1 Still-life by David Hockney. LA Art Lab’s founder Kamila M. Korbela accordingly checked the condition of 82 and 1 paintings, generated new condition reports or added relevant information to existing ones.