Gilding and Decorative Services

LA Art Labs offers a range of services to suit your needs. We restore and recreate gold surfaces, and specialize in traditional water and oil-gilding.

Our services encompass a variety of metallic specialty finishing techniques in many colors ranging from brilliant 24k red gold to 12k white gold or imitation leafs.

The client can choose from highly polished and burnished water gilding to matte gold finishes. Upon special request, we create gilded custom-milled period frames in-house to match the specific needs of your artwork. 

Conservation and restoration of gilded surfaces on baroque furniture.
This photograph depicts a baroque seating area in castle Favorite in Germany. Founder and Conservator Kamila M. Korbela stabilized and restored the damaged 24k water-gilding of the large canapé behind the table with the vase to ensure its aesthetic integrity and longevity.