Treatment of Paintings

The studio provides state-of-the-art conservation services for paintings ranging from medieval to contemporary art. Treatments further include painting examination, integrated technical and historical study, and documentation. When appropriate, the collaboration with conservation scientists or art curators is sought to determine the most suitable form of treatment.

Conservator and restorator - conservation and restoration of a contemporary master painting - repair and maintenance.
The photograph was taken during the treatment of an painting by Joan Mitchell. The complex composite structure makes the paintings equally intriguing and challenging to treat.
inpainting materials - conservation and Restoration of a contemporary master painting - repair and maintenance.
The picture shows only a portion of the wide variety of reversible inpainting products that LA Art Labs’ Founder Kamila M. Korbela uses. In accordance with contemporary conservation ethics, the inpainting of the Stella painting in the background, for instance,  was carried out with dry pigment with a minimal amount of a water soluble gum and its application was confined to specific area of irreversible damage.