La Art Labs is primarily devoted to the preservation, conservation, and study of paintings, sculptures, and painted objects from all geographic regions and epochs for cultural institutions, auction houses, and royal as well as private collectors.

Further services include

  • consultations, such as pre-treatment, pre-acquisition or deaccession assessment, and authentication
  • item specific and general collection surveys
  • installation and de-installation of single artworks and whole collections
  • art handling, such as framing services and custom packing solutions
  • collection care management
  • risk management, disaster planning, mitigation and recovery services
Conservator and restorator - conservation and Restoration of a modern master painting - repair and maintenance.
This photograph shows LA Art Labs’ founder Kamila M. Korbela during the conservation and restoration of a painting by Rufino Tamayo. The large sized painting in the background by Frank Stella currently also undergoes treatment after Kamila performed extensive research on it.